[Box-Admins] Swiki in 4.5 running on box4

Chris Cunnington brasspen at gmail.com
Thu Oct 23 14:03:26 UTC 2014

http://box4.squeak.org:8080 <http://box4.squeak.org:8080/>

I’ve got Swiki working in 4.5 running on box4. I intend next week to create a swiki account for it on box4, run it under daemontools, and copy over the “swiki" content directory from box2 to box4. 


(Installer ss) 
	project: 'KomHttpServer';
	install: 'KomServices-lr.21';
	install: 'DynamicBindings-lr.13';
	install: 'KomHttpServer-DwightManhertz.67'.
(Installer ss3)
	project: 'SqueakServices';
	install: 'Swiki'.
ComSwikiLauncher openAsMorph.

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