[Box-Admins] [squeak-dev] Squeaksource.com is down

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Tue Dec 6 04:07:04 UTC 2016

On Mon, Dec 05, 2016 at 10:08:40PM -0500, David T. Lewis wrote:
> Moving to box-admins for a couple of technical follow ups.
> On Mon, Dec 05, 2016 at 05:17:00PM +0100, Levente Uzonyi wrote:
> > 
> > I tried to, but the VM wouldn't respond to USR2.
> I'm not sure what is wrong with the VNC access via SIGUSR2, but I cannot
> get it working right now. I think it might be related to a net name resolver
> problem, but I could not figure it out tonight. I fixed the immediate problem
> of a WideString user name by downloading the image to fix the image, but VNC
> access is still not working.

Specifically, I think it might be the old "NetNameResolver localHostName" problem
that we fixed back in about 2010 or so. The squeaksource.com image still has the
old code, and it hangs up when I run the squeaksource.com image on my Ubuntu PC.
Maybe that is happening on dan.box.squeak.org now too.

But the VNC access was working before on dan.box.squeak.org, and now it does not
work, so I do not know if something may have changed that affects name service


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