[Box-Admins] Migration and upgrade of source.squeak.org to Rackspace

Chris Muller ma.chris.m at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 21:48:27 UTC 2016

Hi Levente,

> What I'd like to ask from all volunteers is to include a list of instructions + explanation of the migration process, so that to help maintenance and potential migration in the future.

I feel good enough about the source.squeak.org upgrade to bring it up
on the Rackspace server, instead of the legacy SqueakSource-3.11
image.  The initial indexing into Magma finished a few days ago
settling at a final DB size of 2.4G -- much smaller than the 17GB
directory of mcz's.

I thought perhaps a sshfs mount between box4 and the new Rackspace
would be an effective way to copy files between the two.  I'll
definitely copy the Magma DB first, since we have the ability to
resave those stored MCVersions as a new set of mcz files on the
Rackspace server, however I thought it prudent to transfer the 17GB
worth of original mcz's instead, if the network can bear it.

After this initial bulk transfer, I'll make sure the new server is
production-ready on a non-privileged port, and then contact you to
arrange the nginx configuration and coordinate the final switch-over.

The swtich-over involves:

  0) community notification
  1) stopping source.squeak.org on box4.
  2) use banyan on the sshfs mount to identify and copy the remaining
mcz's and any other files under /srv/box2/home/squeaksource/[ss,
dailycommits] and which were saved since the bulk transfer.
  3) extract the final data.obj from the production image.
  4) start the new server with nginx forwarding.

This is the overall migration plan.  As I think the bulk xfer will
take quite a bit of time, someone please let me know the server
details when they're available, so I can get that started.

Oh, I will need sudo access in the new box, please.


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