[Box-Admins] Accounts and IDs on servers (was: Access to the new server(s))

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Fri Sep 30 12:16:08 UTC 2016

On Wed, Sep 28, 2016 at 11:31:36AM +0200, Tobias Pape wrote:
> Dear all
> with retroactive blessing of Levente, I have now prepared eight VMs on Rackspace.
> Here's the overview:
> =======================================================================================================================
> Name 	Name (ext)	intended use	Unix Users	Public Ports	Private Ports	Public IPv4	Private IPv4
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ian	ssh.squeak.org	ssh-gateway	ssh     	1022    	22
> alan	*.squeak.org	webserver	webteam  	80, 443  	22
> adele	lists....	mailinglists	(tbd)   	25, 587, 465	22, 8080
> andreas	--------	source.squeak	chrismuller*	--------	22, 8080	irrelevant
> dan	--------	squeaksource	davidlewis*	--------	22, 8080	irrelevant
> ted	--------	squeak wiki+map	(tbd)   	--------	22, 8080, 8081	irrelevant
> david	--------	jenkins 	(tbd)   	--------	22, 8080	irrelevant
> scott	--------	misc    	(tbd)   	--------	22, 8080, 8081	irrelevant
> =======================================================================================================================
> Currently, Levente and me have sudo on all these machines. Users with * also do.


> We will shortly start RSYNC-ing over data from box3 and box4 as well as replicatiing DNS entries before switching over.
> - Who needs access to which servers?

Account request:

In addition to server #dan, I would like to request a davidlewis
account on #andreas and #david.

Reasons: I want to work with Chris so I can update squeaksource.com as
compatibly as possible with source.squeak.org from an administrative
point of view (updating the squeaksource.com image will have to wait).
And I may spend some time on Jenkins if everything else gets done on


It would be a good idea to pick the UID assignments for the various
admin accounts in advance, so they will be unique across the servers
and distinct from any user UIDs. Thus for example if we will have
accounts for squeakmap, jenkins, source.squeak.org and squeaksource.com
services, their files can later be migrated from box to box without
fear of UID confusion.

When I originally set up squeaksource.com on box3, I put it in a
normal user account (ssdotcom with UID 1008). That is not good
practice, in part because 1008 might end up being the UID for some
user account on another box. (This actually happened in the box2
migration to box3, so the source.squeak.org files now accidentally
appear to be owned by "davidlewis" rather than whatever ID they
originally had on box2.)

For squeaksource.com, I am not worried if the files get copied
with correct ownership and permissions, because I can easily fix
this later (with /bin/find). Chris, if there are problems with
this for source.squeak.org, I can lend a hand sorting it out.


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