[Box-Admins] squeaksource.com

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Fri Mar 24 23:44:35 UTC 2017

On Fri, Mar 24, 2017 at 07:24:08PM +0100, Levente Uzonyi wrote:
> Hi All,
> as you may know, squeaksource.com is down. I had a look and found that
> - the image had fallen into a GC cycle consuming 100% cpu and about 500 MB 
> o memory
> - restarting the image didn't help with that
> - I added the -mmap 1024m parameter to its arguments, and it stopped the 
> CPU grinding, and the memory usage has fallen below 500 MB since then. 
> This also means that the VM's default memory limit is actually 500MB 
> contrary to the 1GB stated by the VM.
> - but, the image is still not able to start up properly. it's probably 
> stuck on something simple, but due to the lack of VNC, I just couldn't 
> check what was wrong
> Levente

Sorry I was away, I just restarted it.

What I did:

- download the image, run it locally
- close the debuggers
- open process browser, find a process stuck in trying to send mail, terminate it
- check memory size, verify that the web page opens on my localhost
- copy it back to dan.box.squeak.org
- kill the running image and let it restart with fixed image

VNC and mail from the squeaksource image do not work any more. The VNC used to
work on dan.box.squeak.org but not now, possibly something changed in network
configuration that the ancient image does not handle right. The stuck process
that caused the failure seems to fail on an error that tries to send mail to
inform someone of the problem, which fails because smtp does not work because
of network address resolution, which fails and throws an error that tries to
send more mail, etc.

As Chris said, the image is overdue for an update.

The service was off line but no data was loss, and as in previous incidents
the data is safe on disk.


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