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#6903: Can not cancel alt + v in text pane
  Reporter:  karl            |       Owner:  ScottWallace
      Type:  defect          |      Status:  new         
  Priority:  high            |   Milestone:  Update.2    
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Changes (by ScottWallace):

 * cc: etoys (added)
  * owner:  etoys => ScottWallace
  * priority:  normal => high
  * milestone:  Never Assigned => Update.2


 Yeah, is a very long-standing but very-seldom-seen annoyance.  Cmd-shift-v
 is a little-known keyboard shortcut for "paste time-stamp"; your "alt + v"
 evidently triggered that, perhaps because you had caps-lock down.  Since
 the image had no author-initials set, you get prompted for author-initials
 since the author-initials constitute part of the time-stamp.

 This ancient feature predates exception-handing in Squeak by years, and
 the implementation at present simply insists that the user provide a no-
 empty replly to the author-initials prompt, and will not take "cancel" for
 an answer.

 Obviously this is not acceptable, and I shall fix it!

 BTW probably this obscure keyboard accelerator should be turned off when
 the eToyFriendly mode is on...  Or perhaps even removed altogether, since
 its primary purpose was to make it easy manually to generate a timestamp
 for use in a method comment, back in the days before we had automatic
 method timestamping in the system log.

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