[Etoys-notify] #6755 NORM Never A: 'etoys' textdomain should be divided as smaller pieces

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#6755: 'etoys' textdomain should be divided as smaller pieces
 Reporter:  korakurider     |       Owner:  etoys                            
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 We have all of translations of etoys in single textdomain 'etoys'
 with over 3000 phrases.
 That is too many for translators who think of starting translation of
 etoys.  And that seems to cause problem for Pootle transaction.

 So dividing the textdomain would make life easier for translators.

 Points to consider:
 1) There are many way how to divide.  how do we decide?
 my thoughts:
 + At beginning of our gettextize work, we divided translations by class
 categories, but that made too many POs that people didn't want to work on.
 So proper size is very important.
 + By splitting advanced features as different domain, starting translation
 would be easier (at least in people's mind)

 2) Because of OO nature of Squeak/Etoys, there is possibility that some
 string is defined with #translatedNoop in some domain, and is translated
 in another domain.  We need to handle this properly, but original gettext
 seems not to have good semantics for the situation.
 (note that there is similar risk with msgctxt)

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