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#6757: Etoy: ambiguous translation strings
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 There are several strings in etoys.po which needs 2 different
 translations. For more details please see the thread starting with

 Most of the strings we couldn't translate well into german are used in
 script tiles AND halo/menus (for a list please simply check the etoys
 vocabulary summary).

 Attached please find also a list with ambiguous etoys translations strings
 from the actual etoys.po on Pootle. This is a manually generated list to
 show examples for problematic strings. It is possible to reduce the list
 with some discussion about details.

 Dangerous strings are

 1. all strings which are used in more than one place, especially those
 which are used in script tiles AND halo/menus.

 2. Basic/General strings as "copy", "clear", "none", "quit", "save", next,
 "previous", "last", ...

 3. Strings, which are used very often in many different forms ("change
 font", " change font ", "Change font", "Change font:"), ...

 Splitting etoys.po will reduce the conflicts (at least for translators),
 but also after that a few context- dependend translation will be necessary

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