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#8696: Translate argument types
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   Priority:  normal          |   Milestone:  8.2.1        
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Comment(by ScottWallace):

 IMO "Getting rid of CamelCase" was done in too all-encompassing a fashion.
 For 'types', because the type name has always been used as the "variable
 name" for a method parameter of that type, it makes sense for the name
 used to be a valid identifier, so spaces are inappropriate, and
 additionally the gratuitous introduction of un-camel-casing to types
 resulted in the inconsistencies of capitalization between the various
 places one sees type-names, as was complained about in the original bug

 Similarly, another unfortunate concomitant of the over-aggressive un-
 camel-casing campaign is that user-defined instance-variables show up with
 un-camel-cased names in the Viewer -- but they appear in their original
 run-on, non-came-cased version  in Scriptors, and of course in the actual
 code when the actual code is viewed textually.

 So to my mind there are very good reasons for rejecting un-camel-casing in
 the cases of types and of user-defined variables.

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