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#8831: Persistent preferences
 Reporter:  bert            |         Owner:  etoys         
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 Since we cannot save the image anymore it is hard to customize the Etoys
 experience. We should load a preferences file when starting up.

 How exactly that should work needs to be discussed. I'd make saving a
 preference explicit.

 One idea for a UI would be to add a "persist this preference" checkbox to
 the menu in the preferences dialog (below the "project local" item). When
 changing the value of a preference marked so, the preferences file would
 be written.

 We could either have a single file containing all preferences or one per
 preference (e.g., "etoyFriendly.pref"). The latter might be more flexible.

 We need to persist the name, value, and localToProject setting of the

 Technically, Preferences should become a RegisteredClient of
 ExternalSettings. However, these prefs need to be writable so they should
 be placed in the secureUserDirectory.

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