[Etoys-notify] #8879 NORM Not Tri: alt-dot should pause ticking scripts

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Thu Oct 23 19:00:24 EDT 2008

#8879: alt-dot should pause ticking scripts
 Reporter:  ScottWallace    |         Owner:  etoys        
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 Sometimes a ticking script cannot be stopped.  One such case is a script
 that puts up a menu (e.g. by using the do-menu-item tile.)

 Alt-dot (if enabled) may put up a debug notifier, but if the ticking
 script keeps grabbing the UI back via putting up a menu, or by being so
 compute-bound that the UI never gets a chance to kick in long enough to do
 anything, there's no way to operate any control that can stop the runaway
 script.  In such circumstances there is usually no recourse other than an
 emergency exit from Etoys.

 The solution proposed here is to have Alt-dot always pause all ticking
 scripts in the project (in addition to whatever else it does.)

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