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Fri Jan 30 06:33:33 EST 2009

#9224: Include thumbnail in project
 Reporter:  bert            |                 Owner:  etoys         
     Type:  defect          |                Status:  new           
 Priority:  normal          |             Milestone:  Future Release
Component:  etoys-activity  |               Version:  not specified 
 Keywords:                  |           Next_action:  code          
 Verified:  0               |   Deployment_affected:                
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 For project galleries, previews etc. it would be convenient if a thumbnail
 was stored inside a zipped project file, not just next to it. Then it
 could be easily extracted as soon as the project was received.

 The thumbnail is currently exported as a separate file in
 #writeFileNamed:fromDirectory:toServer:. It should be stored in the same
 way that  #storeHtmlPageIn: and #storeManifestFileIn: work now.

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