Thinking about Exupery 0.14

bryce at bryce at
Mon Dec 17 21:50:31 UTC 2007

The primary goal for the next releases will be making the following
benchmarks more compelling. I've added a compile time benchmark as
there are a few performance bugs in the compiler that should be

  arithmaticLoopBenchmark 1396 compiled  128 ratio: 10.906
  bytecodeBenchmark       2111 compiled  460 ratio:  4.589
  sendBenchmark           1637 compiled  668 ratio:  2.451
  doLoopsBenchmark        1081 compiled  715 ratio:  1.512
  pointCreation           1245 compiled 1317 ratio:  0.945
  largeExplorers           728 compiled  715 ratio:  1.018
  compilerBenchmark        483 compiled  489 ratio:  0.988
  Cumulative Time         1125 compiled  537 ratio   2.093

  ExuperyBenchmarks>>arithmeticLoop                249ms
  SmallInteger>>benchmark                         1112ms
  InstructionStream>>interpretExtension:in:for: 113460ms
  Average                                         3155.360

First, I'll get the register allocator to allocate each section of
method separately. After that, I'll probably do some work on further
optimising the register allocator but I might work on improving the
generated native code.

Register allocating each section separately will both allow for better
and faster allocation. It will make it easy to avoid dealing with
registers and interference from other sections of the code and will
reduce the size of the problem. Colouring register allocation written
well should be on average n log n time but the performance bugs will
raise that to probably n^2.

It's possible that just allocating each section of the method
separately will be enough to bring allocation down to a reasonable
time. It should definitely help for the larger methods but is unlikely
to do anything for the arithmaticLoop and will only help the bytecode
benchmark slightly. Compiling quicker will make it easier to run more
extensive tests.


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