[ANN] New installation procedures for Magma

Chris Muller ma.chris.m at gmail.com
Thu Feb 17 21:42:08 UTC 2011

I am pleased to announce new packaging and configuration for the
upcoming Magma 1.2 release, as well as future releases.

About MaBase
Magma requires several prerequisite packages.  These are now all kept
in a SqueakSource project called "MaBase".  This is the base-layer for
all projects from Muller Automation, such as Magma, Maui, Ma client
server, Banyan, and others, and includes packages up-to and including
"Ma object serialization".

The source code for Magma is still hosted on SqueakSource under the
"Magma" project.  Thanks to new load-scripts, I no longer need to
duplicate the base-layer packages in this squeaksource project.

Good-bye, MagmaTester
"MagmaTester" has nothing to do with the the Magma test cases; it was
just a sort of "Inbox" where Magma contributors could place their
submissions.  But there hasn't been a lot of activity from others in
that project so, unless there is objection, I intend to delete the

Installing Magma is now similar to other projects, by using a
load-script.  These load-scripts are documented in SqueakMap, and
allow the same one-click loading convenience that has always existed
(or, at least, intended!) for Magma.

These scripts are more robust than what I have been using, because
they allow loading of specific configuration of packages known to work
together, as well as the latest code.  And, when loading the latest
code, (a.k.a., the "head" release), it does so in a fashion just like
the Squeak trunk update mechanism; it merges into the image without
overwriting any local changes, allowing collaboration to occur.

For more details, please see:


Please let me know if you have any questions.

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