3.9alpha update stream (was Re: source.squeakfoundation.org)

Bert Freudenberg bert at impara.de
Fri Jul 1 11:00:46 UTC 2005

Am 30.06.2005 um 18:25 schrieb Doug Way:
> Well, there is one stray package which did have some code in it  
> after I
> ran the DoIt.  A package called "UserObjects" has three classes,
> CardPlayer55, CardPlayer57, and Player56.  Looks like some Etoys
> prototype classes which don't need to be there.  There are no  
> instances
> of these classes in the 6665-basic image, so I could just add an  
> update
> cs which deletes them, and deletes the UserObjects class category.

Classes in the UserObjects category are created whenever you make an  
etoy script. I guess we have to special-case that to not make it into  
a versioned package.

- Bert -

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