3.9alpha update stream

Doug Way dway at mailcan.com
Mon Jul 4 05:09:56 UTC 2005

Ok, I've added the updates to the restarted 3.9alpha update stream.  
(It even puts up a warning if you're trying to update from the old 
3.9alpha stream... I remembered that doing a "self notify: 'please 
close this window'" is a not-too-bad way to bail out of the current UI 

However, there's a problem with the MCConfiguration install.  It 
generally works and gets most of the way through it, but it hits an 
error trying to install the SMBase-dew.64 package.  Looking at the 
debugger, it looks like it's trying to install an .mcd diff file for 
this.  Ah, maybe the base version has to be in the same repository? 
(which would be SMBase-gk.63)

Anyway, anyone can try to do the updates if you want to see the error.  
The big MCConfig install of all the packages actually doesn't take as 
terribly long as I thought, maybe 5-10 minutes.  (It probably won't be 
too hard on the server if just a few people on this list try it.)  
Here's all you need to do:

- start with a fresh 3.8-6665-basic image (save a copy)
- 'SystemVersion setVersion' to 'Squeak3.9alpha'
- load updates

I'm going to pack it in for the day, but hopefully this won't take too 
long to fix tomorrow.  Then I can post a working image with the updates 
already loaded.

- Doug

p.s. these are the updates:


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