New 3.9alpha image is ready! (sort of)

stéphane ducasse ducasse at
Tue Jul 5 20:53:17 UTC 2005

Hi doug

I got a look at the image. Thanks for the work. Now how do we proceed?
- Do we try to shrink a bit the packages because some of them are huge?
- Do we try to get used to it by treating the pending fixes first?
- to create a new package should I create a project on I guess so.
- I gave a try
       I loaded 6517KCPRemoveComponent1.cs and republish Morphic.
       - I got an error HTTP unauthorized 401 at the end of the publish

- I removed from the 6517KCPRemoveComponent1 from update.list (this  
one a really simple clean that I did and that was in the 3.9 alpha

- then does it means that I should recreate a new cs configuration  
changing Morphic-dew.1 into Morphi-sd.2?

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