Incorporating new changes (was Re: 3.9alpha update stream)

stéphane ducasse ducasse at
Tue Jul 5 21:03:02 UTC 2005

On 5 juil. 05, at 22:37, Doug Way wrote:

> Anyway, ideally we should have a master System package repository  
> set up
> somewhere.  Could be at or or  
> somewhere
> else.  As one of the co-maintainers, you would simply commit your
> changes to the System package there.  Periodically, we (the v3.9 team)
> would add the latest version of the System package to the 39a  
> repository
> as well, and then we'd have your changes.
> (The cool thing about the master vs release repository separation is
> that if the maintainers of the System package don't do their job,
> someone else could create a competing System package in a different
> repository, and the v3.9 team could simply switch to using that  
> version
> instead.)

But it seems that for now this can be really difficult for  
refactorings that are crosscutting
several packages since you will have to look in different locations.  
So this
can be a real pain. Or will I publish in another repository so this  
means that we will create
a lot of hidden dependencies because even if I work regularly but  
another master is on holiday
then the v3.9 team can be just out of the loop to get my changes in.


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