New 3.9alpha image is ready! (sort of)

Doug Way dway at
Tue Jul 5 22:18:50 UTC 2005

On Tue, 5 Jul 2005 22:53:17 +0200, "stéphane ducasse"
<ducasse at> said:
> Hi doug
> I got a look at the image. Thanks for the work. Now how do we proceed?
> - Do we try to shrink a bit the packages because some of them are huge?
> - Do we try to get used to it by treating the pending fixes first?

Probably we should just work on a few pending fixes first, so we get
used to the new process.

> - to create a new package should I create a project on  
> I guess so.

Would this be for one of the 35 packages which doesn't have a master
repository yet?  (such as System or Kernel)  We might want to wait on
that for a bit until we know who will be the maintainers.

> - I gave a try
>        I loaded 6517KCPRemoveComponent1.cs and republish Morphic.
>        - I got an error HTTP unauthorized 401 at the end of the publish

Ah, here you just need to click on the 39a repository in the right pane
of the MC browser and "edit repository info" to include your userid and password.  Since you are set as a developer on
the 39a project, you should then have access to save/publish a new

I guess we can do a little bit of testing like this but we shouldn't go
too crazy with a lot of changes directly in the 39a repository right
away.  As an admin, it looks like I have access to delete versions, so
if there's an obvious mistake, we can always clean it up.

> - I removed from the 6517KCPRemoveComponent1 from update.list (this  
> one a really simple clean that I did and that was in the 3.9 alpha
> stream).

Actually you don't have to worry about editing any of that old stuff in
updates.list now, I marked that whole section of the file as
"#Squeak3.9alphaold" so all of those 6517 etc updates are now orphaned.

> - then does it means that I should recreate a new cs configuration  
> changing Morphic-dew.1 into Morphic-sd.2?

Actually no, we only need to do that if we have a DoIt which has to go
in the image as an update.  See Andreas' original email listed on this

We should just simply load all of the latest packages after checking the
update stream.  Probably we should directly tweak the "update code from
server" command so that this is done automatically after checking the
update stream.  Um, Andreas mentions that the latest packages should be
loaded in a "well-defined order", but I'm not sure where that is defined
or how it is done.  Is the most recent MCConfiguration load order still

- Doug

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