Incorporating new changes (was Re: 3.9alpha update stream)

Daniel Vainsencher danielv at
Tue Jul 5 23:22:20 UTC 2005

Hi Doug, I've posted a couple of relevant posts to the list, did you see 
them? Some comments below.

Doug Way wrote:
> I think I agree.  Maybe for some of the well-defined "outer" packages
> such as Balloon, Movies, Speech, etc., we should try to find maintainers
> and get someone to set up master repositories soon for those, at least. 
> (Hm, some of those maybe don't even need to be in Basic, they could just
> be part of Full.)
> But some of the core packages haven't really been properly detangled
> yet, so we may have a lot of changes which cut across several packages. 
> Maybe these core packages (Kernel, Collections, Morphic, etc) should be
> maintained in the 39a repository for the short term until they are
> better detangled.  Certainly the detangling work itself will definitely
> cut across multiple packages and would be easier to do directly in the
> 39a repository.  (Although the work of the Morphic Splitters team is
> obviously relevant here, I'll have to see what progress they made.) 
> Comments from Daniel and any other detangling experts? :)
I say use the Submissions project in the mean time, for anything that
does not have clear maintainership, and anything not yet detangled.
That way people can cooperate, and moving things to 39a and into peoples
alpha is still an explicit action.

> Actually, both the Morphic Splitters and the Toolbuilder work involve
> some detangling, and we'd probably want to look at incorporating both of
> those earlier rather than later.  (At a certain point we just have to
> pick which order these are incorporated... e.g. 1. Morphic Splitters  2.
> Toolbuilder refactoring  3. previous 3.9alpha changes... whichever goes
> first has the least amount of merging to do.)
Remember that we are now managing the code with MC. One benefit is that 
it is quite easy for someone to just merge, and see exactly what 
conflicts there are.


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