New 3.9alpha image is ready! (sort of)

stéphane ducasse ducasse at
Wed Jul 6 05:34:54 UTC 2005

>> - then does it means that I should recreate a new cs configuration
>> changing Morphic-dew.1 into Morphic-sd.2?
> Actually no, we only need to do that if we have a DoIt which has to go
> in the image as an update.  See Andreas' original email listed on this
> page:
> We should just simply load all of the latest packages after  
> checking the
> update stream.  Probably we should directly tweak the "update code  
> from
> server" command so that this is done automatically after checking the
> update stream.  Um, Andreas mentions that the latest packages  
> should be
> loaded in a "well-defined order", but I'm not sure where that is  
> defined
> or how it is done.  Is the most recent MCConfiguration load order  
> still
> available?

Indeed this can be a key aspect of load.... the order ;)
> - Doug

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