Commited some simple fixes...

Marcus Denker denker at
Tue Jul 12 09:46:42 UTC 2005


Alex and I were looking into how to work with the new setup... so we  
commited two fixes from Lukas and a "isPrime" enh to Kernel:

Name: Kernel-md.4
Author: md
Time: 12 July 2005, 11:25:05 am
UUID: d4ee1b12-f2b6-11d9-853d-000d933a223c
Ancestors: Kernel-md.3

Change Set:        TimespanEqualityFix
Date:            18 April 2005
Author:            Lukas Renggli

Comparing a Timespan instance or one of its subclasses with an object  
from a different hierarchy raises an error. This changeset adds a  
check for the class in the beginning, all equality methods should  
have this anyway. After loading this changeset all tests of the  
chronology framework pass.

Name: Kernel-md.3
Author: md
Time: 12 July 2005, 11:19:03 am
UUID: fcf3a2fd-f2b5-11d9-853d-000d933a223c
Ancestors: Kernel-md.2

Change Set:        CategorizerFix
Date:            22 June 2005
Author:            Lukas Renggli

Fixes a very annoying problem where it is impossible to recategorize  
the system category list due to the default use of a limited print  
stream. All Squeak tools display an incompete printout of the  
categories what makes it impossible to edit and accept.

To reproduce this bug create a few more class categories, open the  
standard browser and hit reorganize in the system category list. This  
changeset fixes the problem.

Name: Kernel-md.2
Author: md
Time: 12 July 2005, 10:57:44 am
UUID: 02f6572e-f2b3-11d9-9516-000d933a223c
Ancestors: Kernel-dew.1

0001287: [ENH] Integer primality testing
SPINIELLI Enrico <enrico.spinielli at>:

"please find attached a changeset which adds primality
testing to Integer.
(I wanted to solve Google puzzle
         {first 10-digit prime found in consecutive digits of e}.com
so I needed a test for primality)

I have implemented Algorithm P, probabilistic primality test,
from Knuth, Donald E. 'The Art of Computer Programming', Vol 2,
Third Edition, section 4.5.4, page 395"

md/ab: we added a test for <= 1 that raises an error for now.
(to be changed later... we'l ask him)

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