New 3.9alpha image is ready! (sort of)

Doug Way dway at
Wed Jul 13 03:46:01 UTC 2005

On Jul 12, 2005, at 5:57 AM, Bert Freudenberg wrote:

>>>>>> On Jul 4, 2005, at 1:09 AM, Doug Way wrote:
>>>> So, there is a new MonticelloConfigurations-dew.32 in the 39a 
>>>> repository at
> Hmm, actually, there are two ... if you look into the history of 
> MonticelloConfigurations-dew.32.mcz, it has a version of the same name 
> (but a different UUID) as its ancestor. That is going to be 
> problematic as in squeaksource versions are not referenced by UUID but 
> by name. So the second version overwrote the dictionary entry of the 
> first. It might work if you upload the first version (with dew.31 as 
> ancestor) again.

Yes, sorry about that.  MonticelloConfigurations-bf.31 was the shared 
ancestor.  Back when I made the change, I think I accidentally saved an 
initial MonticelloConfigurations-dew.32 without any changes, then I 
wanted to overwrite/replace that one with a new 
MonticelloConfigurations-dew.32 which actually did have the changes, so 
when it went to save MonticelloConfigurations-dew.33, I renamed it to 
.32 in the commit log dialog.  I wondered at the time if this wasn't 
really proper.  (Although it sounds like MC can handle it, but 
squeaksource can't.)

In any case, it's probably best just to let the automatic numbering 
happen and not worry about an extra version (with no changes) being in 

Now that I think about it, I should have gone back and re-loaded 
MonticelloConfigurations-bf.31 and made the change, that would have had 
the desired effect.  (Hm, should I still go ahead and do that?)

> Btw, we copied your initial set of packages to our repository so we 
> can start our 3.8 changes from there, which should make it easier to 
> merge back later.

Sounds good!

- Doug

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