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Bert Freudenberg bert at
Wed Jul 13 09:01:50 UTC 2005

Am 13.07.2005 um 00:45 schrieb Marcus Denker:

> Hi,
> When I tried to publish System-md.2.mcz, mc told me that there are  
> newer versions. In the inbox, there is System-dvf.5, but this does  
> not have
>  System-dew.1.mcz as ancestor. So should that be ignored? Or merged?

It's only a warning, a hint to be careful.

In this case, you can ignore it. The check is not designed to be  
smart, but to be fast. It only compares file names instead of  
downloading all those versions, which might be rather expensive.

We might change the test to only look into the repository you are  
publishing to (currently it looks in all repositories known to the  
working copy).

- Bert -

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