Packaging the programming tools

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at
Mon Jul 18 15:46:41 UTC 2005

> That means I should not make any errors? At the moment, for any  
> exception I get an ominous "Syntax Error: Message pattern expected"  
> notifier, followed by a nil>>MNU in the Decompiler, then follows an  
> endless loop  of notifiers for UnhandledErrors. Pressing Alt-.  freezes 
> the image ater answering the notifier.

Yeah, there are a few remaining oddities. I think the "message pattern 
expected" is the (indirect) result of condensing the changes, which 
sounds odd but there are some strange things going with closures here. 
The endless loop for unhandled errors is more interesting but I will 
admit I haven't spent much time making the debugger requests work in 
reasonable way without the debugger ;-) So there is definitely some 
stuff left to do.

>> However, since this is not very interesting, you can just load the  
>> standard tools package from
>> [450k]
>> install and use it.
> Hmm, it requests my author initials ... where does that come from?

I have no idea.

>> [*] After unloading execute the code in the left hand panel - it  
>> turns out that #unload is not executed when unloading packages from  
>> Monticello (we *really* need to fix this!) probably because the  
>> #unload method is removed before the class.
> Done. See attachment. Methods are not removed one-by-one anymore when  
> the whole class is removed.

Ah, great! Thanks.

> Some more bugs I encountered:
> * MessageNotUnderstood: Inspector class>>openOn:
> * Endless loop in ToolSet class>>explore:
> Ah well, fixes attached, too :)

Heh, heh, even better ;-)

   - Andreas

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