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Mon Jul 18 17:58:36 UTC 2005

>> [*1] Try browsing the sender of some message or a class - you will  
>> very quickly notice why I don't like the usage of "AppRegistry  
>> default" since it raises completely needless errors when for  example 
>> trying to browse a class -- compare this with the notifier  you get 
>> when trying to browse a selector which uses ToolSet's  interpretation 
>> of "proper" AppRegistry behavior.
> So we will have to fix that.

Actually, the above note related to a message that I sent to Squeak-dev 
about the general use of AppRegistry but it seems like the list is dead 
for now. I'm attaching it for reference.

>> [300k]
> Ok so you already did it ;). So I would suggest that we only use this  
> one. :)

Well, there are a few things missing and originally I needed the 
PlusTools to figure out how to go about unloading and dealing with the 
regular tools. The PlusTools *definitely* need some more work, what I've 
done covers the basics but there are plenty of things that still need to 
be fixed.

> I thought that there was a version of MC UI was relying on ToolBuilder.

Yes, there is. I'm planning to use it for Tweak.

>> * Refactoring of ChangeSet and ChangeSorter - all of the actual  
> I do not have the time right now to look at it but did you change the  
> notification mechanism? I'm curious to see how the decoupling offered  
> by the notification mechanism helps.

I simply separated the functionality of dealing with changes from the 
user interface (ChangeSorter). Mostly it meant moving class methods from 
ChangeSorter to ChangeSet and then fix patterns like "ChangeSorter 
changeSetNamed: ..." to use "ChangeSet named: ...".

   - Andreas
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