Fixing the SqueakSource install at (was Re: SqueakSource issues)

Doug Way dway at
Thu Jul 28 04:04:26 UTC 2005

Hi Bert.  Ok, Cees set me up with access to the machine at  Maybe I'll be able to fix this  
after all, possibly even before Avi gets back. ;)

Looking at the SqueakSource image that was running, it does have a few  
differences in the package list from yours.  Here's the list:

DynamicBindings (DynamicBindings-gk.1)
* KomHttpServer (KomHttpServer-gk.6)
KomServices (KomServices-gk.2)
Mewa (Mewa-al.13)
* Monticello (Monticello-avi.182)
SMBase (SMBase-gk.63)
SMLoader (SMLoader-gk.24)
Scheduler (Scheduler-jrp.18)
Seaside2 (Seaside2-avi.86)
* SqueakSource (SqueakSource-bf.146)
TinyWiki (TinyWiki-lr.10)

Probably the Monticello & MonticelloConfiguration packages are the main  
issue.  I'll try to track down the other few packages too, though.

I may see if I can get it working locally first, and then try to  
replace the one at  (Hopefully the old accounts/data files  
would still be okay after replacing the squeaksource image.  It looks  
like the .mcz files are all in separate dirs so those should be fine,  
which is the most important thing.)

- Doug

On Jul 12, 2005, at 5:42 AM, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
> ...
> So I just tried this. There must be something different on your  
> squeaksource installation than on our's.
> When I access  
> " 
> dew.31(bf.30).mcd" it just hangs. On our server, for  
> " 
> dew.31(bf.30).mcd'" I immediately get a 404 not found.
> Here's the current list of my versions:
> DynamicBindings (DynamicBindings-gk.1)
> KomHttpServer (KomHttpServer-gk.6)
> KomServices (KomServices-gk.2)
> Mewa (Mewa-al.13)
> Monticello (Monticello-bf.254)
> MonticelloConfigurations (MonticelloConfigurations-bf.26)
> PackageInfo-Base (PackageInfo-Base-bf.22)
> SMBase (SMBase-gk.63)
> SMLoader (SMLoader-gk.24)
> Seaside2 (Seaside2-avi.86)
> SqueakSource (SqueakSource-bf.146)
> SystemFixes (SystemFixes-bf.1)
> TinyWiki (TinyWiki-lr.10)
> TweakMC (TweakMC-bf.11)
> - Bert -

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