Avi Bryant avi.bryant at
Sat Jun 11 23:41:03 UTC 2005

On 6/12/05, Andreas Raab <andreas.raab at> wrote:
> > :)  But I agree that MC's more rigid/uniform packaging scheme is the way
> > to go for managing the base image.  We may need a few little enhacements
> > like that for MC, e.g. marking a version as maintainer-approved.
> Actually, instead of having "approval flags" I'd recommend having
> "release repositories". E.g., consider that we're setting up a 3.9
> repository which defines the "latest" package versions for everything
> that ought to be in 3.9.

Yes, I like this model too.  At one point in MC's development I was
pushing for the idea of a "tag" file that would list a repository and
a set of package names.  Loading this tag file would simply load the
highest numbered version of each of those packages from that
repository.  Of course these might be tags themselves, pointing to
other packages/repositories.  This seems somewhat in line with what
MCConfiguration is doing already; maybe it could be extended in that


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