Doug Way dway at
Sat Jun 18 17:12:35 UTC 2005

On Jun 10, 2005, at 8:38 AM, Avi Bryant wrote:

> ...  If you didn't see the original message from Andreas, here's
> the important bit:
> "In Tweak, *all* code is in packages[*]. Updates are
> exclusively used for in-image reshapes, e.g., when part of the system
> has undergone significant changes that require manual intervention. In
> order to synchronize these modifications with the package versions that
> we expect, we typically post a configuration map, e.g., a list of
> packages where we expect some specific version to be present.
> When you update, we always consult the update stream first. This will
> suck in any intermediate configurations and perform the necessary
> in-image modifications. Once this is done, we merely upgrade all
> packages in a well-defined order to their latest version."

Is there an example of one of these "config map" changeset updates that 
we could look at?  Just curious as to what these look like.

- Doug

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