stéphane ducasse ducasse at
Sat Jun 18 18:47:00 UTC 2005

Andreas mentioned that they coupled cs and packages since squeak  
itself is not packaged.
Just some packages and Tweak. but this is the way to go. So I would  
go for #1


On 18 juin 05, at 19:23, Doug Way wrote:

> On Jun 18, 2005, at 12:44 PM, stéphane ducasse wrote:
>> what we should fix is what do we do with the changes that are in  
>> 3.9alpha stream.
>> I also have some new changes/fixes on my disc ready to be added to  
>> the stream.
> Assuming we go ahead with the iSqueak plan, there are two ways to  
> handle this:
> 1.  Start with the iSqueak 3.8 image/packaging as-is.  Then re-add  
> those 3.9alpha changes via the new Monticello process.  You might  
> be able to just file-in all of the 3.9alpha changesets into the  
> iSqueak 3.8 image, then commit all of the changed MC packages to  
> our new release repository (which doesn't exist yet).  Right, Avi?   
> It only gets tricky if there are some order-dependent changes, or  
> do-its, then you might have to post a Config Map/do-it update as  
> Andreas was describing.
> Or,
> 2.  Start with our 3.9alpha image, and then re-do the iSqueak  
> packagizing.  Might be doable, not sure.
> Although I guess you were talking about starting over at 3.8  
> anyway, right?  So I think that means #2 doesn't make any sense,  
> let's just do #1.
> - Doug

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