Where we are going with partitioning and harvesting etc.

Bert Freudenberg bert at impara.de
Wed Jun 22 10:18:06 UTC 2005

Am 22.06.2005 um 10:46 schrieb goran at krampe.se:
> Again, let me explain what *I* meant us to do - I think you and I are
> all in agreement.
> 1. A single person sits down and groups the categories into PIs. The
> current categories are probably just fine, and if that person feels  
> like
> it he may of course move classes around or rename categories - but
> *nothing else*. And he mustn't get stuck.
>     The result: A .cs that performs the recategorizations/moves and  
> creates
> PI instances in the image according to the grouping.

You'll find precisely such a changeset at http://source.impara.de/ 
iSqueak.html (go to the Wiki tab). Andreas did the work. Avi proposed  
to start the 3.9 development from there.

> 2. Someone (say me) creates packages on SM for each such PI and types
> the PI name into the field for that. Then we assign the SM packages to
> an owner and add co-maintainers to that. Tada - we then have our teams
> with names, emails etc. all neatly described in SM and thus in easy
> reach for tools.
> 3. We start by what you describe above - just use the update stream as
> before. No problem.
> Ok, now - the above is actually one days work if we just decided to  
> "do
> it". But there is now a different plan on the playfield - to go with
> what Impara is doing. Avi is Team leader. I trust him to help us  
> come to
> a decision on what to do.

I don't think the plan is different at all. The only addition you are  
proposing is to actually register each resulting package at  
SqueakMap, to have identifiable maintainers. Which sounds fine to me.

On a side note, impara is *not* going to be actively involved in 3.9  
development. We're going to stay with 3.8 for a while. You're free to  
use that recategorizing changeset as a starting point, and of course  
we offer the community to use the packages we created to help  
maintaining the system, like the MC configuration maps, and we can  
offer advice on how we are maintaining our stuff. But 3.9 is a  
community effort.

- Bert -

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