Doug Way dway at
Fri Jun 24 23:01:15 UTC 2005

On Fri, 24 Jun 2005 19:53:02 +0200, "stéphane ducasse"
<ducasse at> said:
> Let us (me alex) know when 3.9 squeaksource is ready because we would  
> like to help.

Well, it looks like Cees has up and
running. (thanks!)

And it also looks like Avi has added a "Squeak 3.8" project/repository
(perhaps as a test).

So, how should we do this... Can we just have one "Squeak 3.9"
project/repository, with all of the 30 or so packages (in 3.9) in the
same repository?  (I notice that most SqueakSource repositories
typically only have one package.)  Or do we create a separate Project
for each package?

Once this is settled and done, I can add the partitioning changeset in
the 3.9alpha update stream.

And, master repositories will still need to be set up for most of the
base image packages as well.  (A few already have them.)

This may mean that it's time to make a final push for volunteers to
maintain all of the packages, as well. (the old TNFR project)  I think
it will actually be somewhat easier to do this, now that people can set
up repositories for the packages that they can control directly, rather
than having to go through some complicated update-stream process. 
Goran, are you still interested in spearheading this effort?  (I know we
already have some packages assigned on that swiki page.)

- Doug

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