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Bert Freudenberg bert at
Sun Jun 26 11:11:01 UTC 2005

Am 25.06.2005 um 22:05 schrieb Avi Bryant:

> On 6/24/05, stéphane ducasse <ducasse at> wrote:
>> Hi all
>> Let us (me alex) know when 3.9 squeaksource is ready because we would
>> like to help.
> Ok, this should be basically working now.  I've set up projects for
> Squeak 3.8 and 3.9a; you'll have to register accounts and I can add
> people as developers etc.
> The next thing we need is probably a short tutorial on using
> MCConfiguration for maintainers.  Bert, are you up to it?

Please have a look at

Then ask back with any questions :)

- Bert -

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