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Doug Way dway at
Mon Jun 27 18:09:28 UTC 2005

On Mon, 27 Jun 2005 18:26:21 +0200, "Bert Freudenberg" <bert at>
> Am 27.06.2005 um 18:18 schrieb Alexandre Bergel:
> > right. I guess you are referring to the Reorganize.3.8-6662.cs.
> > There are just some categorizations. Bert, I did not deeply checked  
> > but I feel that actually it does not assign new category to classes/ 
> > methods. For instance, the first line of the changeset is
> >
> > SystemOrganization changeFromString:
> >  '(''Kernel-Chronology'' ChronologyConstants Date DateAndTime  
> > Duration Month Schedule Stopwatch Time TimeStamp Timespan TimeZone  
> > Week Year)
> >
> > These classes are already included into the class category 'Kernel- 
> > Chronology'! Andreas worked on the system change notification, but  
> > I do not know what he did (I do not have time to dive into the  
> > iSqueak image). I suspect that it uses events triggered by the  
> > recategoryzation to create packages.
> You need to inspect the change set more closely. It may well have  
> redundant categorization of classes where nothing changed - this does  
> not hurt anybody. But there are also many recategorizations of  
> methods. I guess Andreas made the changeset  by just filing out the  
> categorization for everything in the system.

It is difficult to see exactly what changed in the recategorization,
because the changeset includes the whole system as you say.

However, I did see that the Tests package was recategorized into
KernelTests, CollectionTests, NetworkTests, etc., which is a significant
change and seems like a good change.

Just curious, were any methods actually recategorized into mc-based
extension method categories?  (I didn't see any.)  That would be a
bigger change, as it would essentially move the method into a different
package as an extension, even though it's still on the same class.  A
classic example would be moving String>>asUrl from the "converting" to
the "*Network" method category, so that it ends up in the Network
package.  That's more of a real detangling/refactoring than a mere

- Doug

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