(was Re: iSqueak)

stéphane ducasse ducasse at
Tue Jun 28 07:53:04 UTC 2005

On 28 juin 05, at 6:13, Andreas Raab wrote:

> a) Change the categories from "Foo-Bar-Tests" to "FooTests-Bar", e.g,
>     "Kernel-Chronology-Tests" => "KernelTests-Chronology"
>     "Collections-Streams-Tests" => "CollectionTests-Streams"
> The reason being that I want to be able to bootstrap a system  
> without circular dependencies and moving the tests into their own  
> categories makes it easy to load everything in the right order.

Hi andreas

I understand and I agree that having separated tests is good and  
avoid dependencies. Now
I do not understand the naming conventions. I miss something but I do  
not know what.
Why the tests of Kernel-Chronology are not simply
Because MC would put them under Kernel?
but we could have a separate package for KernelChronologyTests?


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