(was Re: iSqueak)

Bert Freudenberg bert at
Tue Jun 28 08:59:37 UTC 2005

Am 28.06.2005 um 10:36 schrieb Cees De Groot:

> On 6/28/05, Alexandre Bergel <bergel at> wrote:
>> does not work, and
>> => "The proxy server received  
>> an invalid response from an upstream server."
> I've restarted the image.
> Avi - do you want to investigate the crashes or shall I just hang the
> thing under daemontools' supervision so it automagically restarts?

What VM are you running? Anyway, I, too, run it in a loop, just in  
case (hadn't much time to investigate the crashes, yet):

DIR=`dirname $0`
exec nohup sh -c "while true; do $DIR/runss ; sleep 5; done"

Also, if it hangs, you can just kill it. I renamed the vm to make it  
stand out in the process listing for that.

- Bert -

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