Feeding the update stream

Daniel Vainsencher danielv at techunix.technion.ac.il
Tue Jun 28 16:55:52 UTC 2005

First of all, I like everything that's going on. Some good ideas are 
getting implemented.

So was any decision made on how stuff gets submitted (FIX/ENH), then 

One idea that I didn't see mentioned (but I might have just missed it) 
is to add a ForInclusion project to sources.squeakfoundation.org, with 
write access for everyone (or Apprentice and up, or whatever). Announce 
that that is the place for code to be submitted, when (the author 
thinks) it is ready for inclusion.

Then harvesters would simply merge stuff from that repository into the 
release repository.

Then whatever tools get coded for improving awareness of new code in an 
MC repository automatically apply to the harvesting process.


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