Feeding the update stream

Bert Freudenberg bert at impara.de
Tue Jun 28 17:29:51 UTC 2005

Am 28.06.2005 um 18:55 schrieb Daniel Vainsencher:

> First of all, I like everything that's going on. Some good ideas  
> are getting implemented.
> So was any decision made on how stuff gets submitted (FIX/ENH),  
> then included?
> One idea that I didn't see mentioned (but I might have just missed  
> it) is to add a ForInclusion project to  
> sources.squeakfoundation.org, with write access for everyone (or  
> Apprentice and up, or whatever). Announce that that is the place  
> for code to be submitted, when (the author thinks) it is ready for  
> inclusion.

Not a bad idea. Maybe call it "3.9 Patches" or "Submissions"?  
However, it could get cluttered very easily.

> Then harvesters would simply merge stuff from that repository into  
> the release repository.
> Then whatever tools get coded for improving awareness of new code  
> in an MC repository automatically apply to the harvesting process.

That's a good point. The SqueakSource server could be extended by  
adding search facilities, bug reporting, etc ... and then have an in- 
Squeak MC-based client to manage them. MCBFAV anyone?

- Bert -

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