Splitting tools

Dan Ingalls Dan at SqueakLand.org
Tue Mar 8 02:14:47 UTC 2005

Daniel V. wrote...

>Just a note here:
>The tool Dan describes here, AFAIU, allows one to determine what can be removed after a named set of categories is removed. IIUC, this is useful after the named categories are themselves removable (not depended on by other stuff).
>MudPie can be used before that, to see what depends on what, and therefore what is preventing your package from being removable.
>So they seem to me to be complements.

Yes, this was my sense as well.

When I (wrote and) used these methods, I already had a sense that, for instance, Celeste, Scamper and MailMessage were the "roots" of most of the web classes [at that time].  Nowadays, you would want to include several other root apps, probably, to get the nice results I got.  I believe that Daniel's MudPie would help a lot, both in identifying these natural roots, and in breaking any circularities.

	- Dan

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