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Wed Mar 9 14:51:26 UTC 2005

Hi Lex!

"Lex Spoon" <lex at> wrote:
> goran.krampe at wrote:
> > 4. Universes. I intend to look into Lex's code again more carefully and
> > try to figure out how to either:
> > 	a) Make it work "with" SM. But this is only interesting if Lex or
> > someone else wants to continue maintaining Universes and nor merging it
> > with SM.
> > 	b) Merge the concepts and mechanisms with SM so that the sum is greater
> > than the parts.
> For the record, Universes is under maintenance and in use, and (no
> surprise) it achieves all of the properties I mentioned in my opening
> email.

(btw, it should be "not" and not "nor" above under a))

Ok, so what is your view on this then? Am I to interpret you that you
wish me to go for a) ? Meaning integration instead of merge of concepts?

I do have an idea that we could add "Universe" as a new "type" of thing
on SM, just as I would like to add "image" as another type, and possibly
even "repository" (Monticello).

I want to work for us to end up in the best of worlds - and I need you
to work with me here.

regards, Göran

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