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Mon Mar 21 08:28:08 UTC 2005


John Pfersich <jp1660 at> wrote:
> I haven't been paying any attention for a while to the new structure 
> that Goran has been promoting.

Mmm, are you referring to "The Coordinators"?

> I find that lately its been really 
> hard to follow the thread because the subjects do not reflect the 
> topic being discussed.
> Is there a place that it's down on paper?

Well, what we (The Coordinators) have currently is this readonly swiki:

On that swiki we have a few important things, first the reports (a new
one is probably due soon):

...and the structure of Teams:

We will try to write down a single page about how we are working and how
we are organized, I agree that a concise page on that is needed. The
Team-page has a "manual" for how the Teams work though.

> I had signed up for the maintenance of the Network section under Task 
> Force November Revolution (TFNR). Will that change?

Change? Well, it is great you signed up - and nothing has really changed
- but hopefully this time we are getting this show on the road. The TFNR
thing got stalled/died and btw, this is the swiki page for it:

The "Packages" team led by Avi has taken over that ball (TFNR) and Avi
has recently created a new list (easiest to start from scratch) for
people to sign up on parts of the image:

The pages produced under TFNR still has value, and let us use those
pages to:

	- Find people that expressed interest earlier to do Stewarding
	- Use some of the results, like this for example:

I am crossposting this to the packages list btw, and if you are
interested in TFNR/Packages etc, as I presume you are - join that
list/Team which you find at:	

> I'm liking this over BFAV just because it's easier to see the Network 
> stuff that I'm trying to maintain.
> I do have a question about how the stuff gets harvested (or whatever 
> the term is now). How does that happen?

A few notes:

1. The Janitors team led by Ken Causey is handling how the harvesting
process is migrating into the future. In the short term this means how
we are moving over to Mantis and to deal with bug reports and fixes
using that.

2. The Packages team (led by Avi) is figuring out how to partition the
image (as per TFNR) and how we will live in that new brave world. How to
deal with bugs/fixes in a partitioned image is still a somewhat open
question - but the Janitors team is creating a model where we can use
Mantis for that too (where you can select/filter based on "package"
etc). Since I am reopening my work on SM now I also have a few ideas on
how to help this  - for example by adding a field with an optional email
address for each package that can collect fixes/reports. STTCPW and all
that! :) Also, 3.9 will probably include PackageInfo-Extras which has
brand new changeset-splitting-based-on-PIs code in it, and some nifty
menu choices in the changesorters for that!

3. The v3.9 team led by Doug Way has the final say on what goes on with
version 3.9 that is sheduled for june/july. Since 3.8 is getting
realeased Any Day Now (tm), 3.9 is the next frontier and one of the main
components of 3.9 will be the result of the Packages team. Read more

Did this answer the more general questions?

regards, Göran

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