Lex Spoon lex at
Sun May 22 15:52:31 UTC 2005

Here are my quick notes on the Package Team status.  These are off the
cuff, so please correct and edit them at will before posting to the

We're looking into technology to handle sets of packages as part of
major releases.  Goran is investigating ways to update SqueakMap for

We have proposed a partitioning plan based on first marking out what the
packages are, then going through an orphaning phase, then going through
an un-orphaning phase to get all the code into their correct partitions.
 The pilot runs we have tried make this plan appear to be effective, but
we haven't pushed harder on it just yet.

We have not worked out anything about *processes* for doing package set
releases.  That's important but, erm, no one has worked on it.  I keep
meaning to post something about this but have not gotten around to it. 
We don't strictly *have* to wait for the technology to be all lined up
before we get a basic process in line.

Anything else??


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