we really need help

stéphane ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Mon Oct 10 16:42:25 UTC 2005

Hi all

We ***really*** need help. I start to be really exhausted. Here is  
the problem:

Marcus introduced a fix to speed up morphic isRectangle instead of  
isKindOf: in insetBy:
and collected some other fixes.

Now when we take a 6693 image
     - merge MC275
     - load scriptLoader-md.6.mcz
     - execute script 6

you end up after merging to an infinite loop because SmallInteger  
does not know isRectangle
(even thought isRectangle is defined on Object). This sounds like MC  
loaded first the method
insetBy: and that the progress bar needs it and Object>>isRectangle  
is not loaded yet.
So what can we do?

I tried to tweak a bit the script by loading first kernel-md.42.mcz
take a 6693 image
     - merge MC275
     - scriptloader-sd.8.mcz
     script 6
     - but now I get an error because Debugger does not know stepAt:in:

So I do not know what to do except ordering things by hand.
I lost really a lot of time and be completely unproductive.
So does anybody have any suggestion?


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