Stewarding starting and some questions

goran at goran at
Wed Oct 12 08:45:39 UTC 2005

Hi guys!

Me and Ken got excited :) on IRC and decided to try to get the movement
towards a Stewarding/Team/TFNR/distributed-responsibility-whatever model
for maintaining the current packages that Basic consists of.

We picked "Network" as a good spike to play with and I started with
registering such a package on SM and setting the PackageInfo name to
"Network" and putting me a and Ken as co-maintainer - we of course hope
to add quite a bit of people there and gradually build a team.

The next step we wanted to do was to create a project on

- These Stewarding repos, where should we keep them? Of course it is up
to the Stewarding team  - we could have just created an ftp repo
somewhere on a personal server. But since SqueakSource is a good
solution, which server do we use? or source.sqf?

- And if the answer is, we discovered that
we can't create such a project. Only the admin can. Now, who is the
admin? Doug? And could you please create such a project for us?

- This of course serves as an example, how do we handle this process of
"handing out" parts of the image?

It would of course be great if this process could be smoooth and that
the people (in this case me and Ken) can make the steps without pause.
The SM registration step makes sure that only one SM package can
register a certain PI name. And we don't really need to have a
"confirmation" step by the board IMHO before creating these Stewarding
teams because I don't really think unexperienced Squeakers "dare" take
it on. And if they do, it doesn't matter until - .mcz start appearing in
the inbox at source.sqf - if things look scary then we can deal with it
at that point.

So agile, agile, agile... IMHO. And thus - the fact that we can't create
a project on source.sqf is a stopper. BUT... perhaps the idea was to NOT
have such projects on source.sqf? That is my guess and in that light
then we should probably use or another place, right?

Anyway, our plan (Ken and me and anoyone who joins) is to explore this
"by doing" and "by example". As soon as we create a repo for our mcz we
will begin looking at the 30-ish issues on Mantis and start to produce
new mcz that we intend to push to the inbox.

And at the same time we will document our process and post a howto
describing how others can step up and steward some other piece of the
Basic image.

regards, Göran

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