Stewarding starting and some questions

Marcus Denker denker at
Fri Oct 14 11:44:16 UTC 2005

Am 12.10.2005 um 10:45 schrieb goran at

> Hi guys!
> Me and Ken got excited :) on IRC and decided to try to get the  
> movement
> towards a Stewarding/Team/TFNR/distributed-responsibility-whatever  
> model
> for maintaining the current packages that Basic consists of.
> We picked "Network" as a good spike to play with and I started with
> registering such a package on SM and setting the PackageInfo name to
> "Network" and putting me a and Ken as co-maintainer - we of course  
> hope
> to add quite a bit of people there and gradually build a team.


> - These Stewarding repos, where should we keep them? Of course it  
> is up
> to the Stewarding team  - we could have just created an ftp repo
> somewhere on a personal server. But since SqueakSource is a good
> solution, which server do we use? or source.sqf?

Good Question... we could use the one for official
packages. On the other hand, it would not hurt to just give the  
the decicion of what he wants here. No need to standardize.

> - And if the answer is, we discovered that
> we can't create such a project. Only the admin can. Now, who is the
> admin? Doug? And could you please create such a project for us?
> ("Network")

I admin, too, I think...

> - This of course serves as an example, how do we handle this  
> process of
> "handing out" parts of the image?

That's a good Question. Part of why I havn't done anything here is that
I have no answer... best would be if these people would "find  
So if someone is very active developing on some part, we can decide to
hand him/them the ownership, if we feel that this will work nicely.

We should not pressure someone to take over maintainership, that for  

> Anyway, our plan (Ken and me and anoyone who joins) is to explore this
> "by doing" and "by example". As soon as we create a repo for our  
> mcz we
> will begin looking at the 30-ish issues on Mantis and start to produce
> new mcz that we intend to push to the inbox.
> And at the same time we will document our process and post a howto
> describing how others can step up and steward some other piece of the
> Basic image.

Ok, good.

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