about flushing the caches of MC

stéphane ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Fri Oct 21 06:42:30 UTC 2005


I have been pushing in the stream a new update (since marcus believe  
that this is important
that we can build the image from the stream).
Now the two cs just load the patched MC and load the script loader  
and execute the script.

Apparently there is a bug and the caches are not flushed so we end up  
in an image that is 30 Mb.
So Avi or daniel can you have a look?

I will continue to harvest since we can build from 6693 without  
problem now.

Of course, any improvement in MC is welcome
     - why Object>>isRectangle was not installed before the insetBy:  
method (you can try to load script7 alone).


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