Adrian Lienhard adi at
Sat Oct 22 12:20:28 UTC 2005


I've been using Was  
not aware that there are more of those in different versions (I see and but I don't know  
what that is).

Stef, which one did you use?

Daniel, what we did is:
- take a 6693 image
- load 6694upgrade...
- load 6695loadScr...

The two scripts were posted by Stef yesterday to this list. That all  
works fine for me. Even after flushing the MC caches, my image comes  
down to 14.3MB.

Marcus tried too and reported:
-> It takes a long time. maybe two hours on my powebook
-> no conflicts, no merge dialog
-> But the image is 19MB large, even after emptying the cache.
     (I did save the image one before cleaning the caches, as it
      was unusably slow)

So, also there some difference, at least in the image size.

It would be good if somebody else could run this and report if it  
works correctly.

It would also be nice if somebody could investigate into improving  
MC's performance. This would be very welcom,e not only in this case  
but in general, e.g., we drink too much coffee at because  
committing/merging always takes minutes... ;-)


On Oct 22, 2005, at 1:08 PM, Daniel Vainsencher wrote:

> Hi guys.
> Just wanted to mention that when you report problems, please  
> includes the precise steps I need to do to reproduce. When you  
> don't, I waste a lot of time that could be spent fixing things in  
> just trying to second guess what you're doing. Some things I've had  
> problems with:
> 1. What precise image? there are about 4 6693 image up there at the  
> moment... just give a url to the one you really mean.
> 2. What scripts to run in what order?
> 3. Where are the scripts? when I start with some of those image, I  
> simply don't have the scripts you want me to run. So should I first  
> update the ScriptLoader? should I update anything else? please just  
> be explicitly about the steps required to reproduce the problem  
> from scratch.
> Remember that since at the moment the process is not standard,  
> nobody except you guys knows exactly how to reproduce things...
> Now I want to explore the space thing, so please let me know  
> precisely how to simulate what you guys see.
> Daniel
> stéphane ducasse wrote:
>> I'm doing a lot of tests by trying to reload the packages using  
>> the  scripts that worked before and from the same image
>> and I get always conflicts.
>> I will report more when I will get more advanced investigation  
>> with  adrian.
>> Stef

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