[Pkg] Tasks: Tasks-Squeak310-kph.30.mcz

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Wed Dec 10 02:18:39 UTC 2008

A new version of Tasks-Squeak310 was added to project Tasks:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Tasks-Squeak310-kph.30
Author: kph
Time: 10 December 2008, 2:18:35 am
UUID: d4f0bcf0-0075-4c37-98e8-eb4cfc3ab239
Ancestors: Tasks-Squeak310-kph.29

moved manual fixes to a different class for tidiness

=============== Diff against Tasks-Squeak310-kph.29 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: ReleaseAfterSqueak310 class>>taskCleanMiscellaneous (in category 'as yet unclassified') -----
  	"thanks edgar"
  	"these could be removed through the deprecation process"
  	^ SakeTask define: [ :task |
  		task dependsOn: {
  			"Discards should be tasks and shouldnt clutter up SystemDictionary"	
  			(self class: 'SystemDictionary') removeSelectorsMatching: 'discard*'.	
  			"makeing a release is a task and shouldnt clutter up SystemDictionary"	
  			(self class: 'SystemDictionary') removeSelectors: #(lastRemoval majorShrink zapMVCprojects
  		  makeExternalRelease makeInternalRelease zapAllOtherProjects computeImageSegmentation).
  			"replaced with the more useful: Smalltalk globals explore from kernel-extensions"		
  			(self class: 'SystemDictionary') removeSelector: #inspectGlobals.
  			(self class: 'ReleaseBuilder') removeSelector: #fixObsoleteReferences.
   			(self class: 'ScriptLoader') removeSelector: #fixObsoleteReferences.
  			(self class: 'Morph') removeSelectors: #( reserveUrl: saveAsResource saveDocPane saveOnURL saveOnURL: saveOnURLbasic isTurtleRow objectViewed inATwoWayScrollPane).
  			(self class: 'PasteUpMorph') removeSelectors: #(playfieldOptionsMenu presentPlayfieldMenu allScriptEditors attemptCleanupReporting: modernizeBJProject scriptorForTextualScript:ofPlayer:).
  			(self class: 'Player') removeSelectors: #(isUniversalTiles noteDeletionOf:fromWorld: scriptorsForSelector:inWorld: tilesToCall: handMeTilesToFire).
  			(self class: 'TheWorldMainDockingBar') removeSelector: #hideAllViewersIn:.
  			(self class: 'WorldWindow class') removeSelectors: #(test1 test2).
+ 			(self class: 'PartsBin') removeSelector: #listDirection:quadList:buttonClass:.
  				Player class removeCategory: 'turtles'. 
  				Player removeCategory: 'slots-user'.
  				Morph removeCategory: 'scripting'.
  				ColorType removeCategory: 'tiles'.
  				FileList2 class organization classify: #morphicViewOnDirectory: under: 'morphic ui'.
  				FileList2 class organization classify: #morphicView under: 'morphic ui'.

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