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Fri Dec 12 00:12:46 UTC 2008

A new version of Sake-Packages was added to project Packages:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Sake-Packages-kph.7
Author: kph
Time: 12 December 2008, 12:12:45 am
UUID: e76152c8-c486-4794-92df-da026ea801eb
Ancestors: Sake-Packages-kph.6

Packages upgrade should work!

When a package has been loaded it attempts to tell the packageInfo instance of the name of the package, property #packages.

This is to a) allow a menu item in the MCWorkingCopyBrowser
and b) allow packages to reconstruct "provided" should it be unloaded and loaded.

If a package has a name that is different to its monticello package name it can tell us via self info mcName: 'XML-Support' (e.g. YAXO)

=============== Diff against Sake-Packages-kph.6 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: Packages>>defaultUnloadAction (in category 'defaults') -----
+ 	self info url ifNotNil: [ Installer mc unload: (self info mcName ifNil: [ self name]) ]!
- 	self info url ifNotNil: [ Installer mc unload: self name ]!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: Packages class>>upgrade (in category 'public') -----
  	self provided values asSet asTask run!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: Packages>>doActionEnd (in category 'as yet unclassified') -----
  	self isUnloading ifTrue: [ ^ self ].
  	self class provided in: [ :reg |
  		self provides do: [ :each | reg at: each put: self ].
+ 	].
+ 	"if a package appears in Packages under an obscure name, it can
+ 	tell the PackageInfo instance what name was used to load it via metadata
+ 	at mcName"
+ 	(self info mcName ifNil: [ self name ]) ifNotNilDo: [ :mcName |
+ 		(PackageOrganizer default packageNamed: mcName ifAbsent: [ ^ self ])
+ 			propertyAt: #packages put: self name.
+ 	]. 
+ 	!
- 	].!

Item was changed:
  SakeTask subclass: #Packages
  	instanceVariableNames: 'unloadBlock unloadPriors provides name version isUnload'
  	classVariableNames: 'Provided'
  	poolDictionaries: ''
  	category: 'Sake-Packages'!
  Packages class
  	instanceVariableNames: 'lastUpdate theUUniverse'!
+ !Packages commentStamp: 'kph 12/11/2008 23:27' prior: 0!
- !Packages commentStamp: 'kph 9/4/2008 15:29' prior: 0!
  To generate all of the methods based upon universes definitions:
   	Packages taskGenerateAllUniverses run.
  	Packages taskGenerateAll  run.
  Sake/Packages usage:
  Public API
  Package definition for your current version of Squeak are found using the following path.
  For SystemVersion Squeak3.7
  Packages findPath  -> {PackagesSqueak37 . PackagesDev . PackagesBeta} *the default is #current
  Packages current findPath  -> {PackagesSqueak37 . PackagesDev . PackagesBeta}
  Packages dev findPath  {PackagesDev. PackagesSqueak37 . PackagesBeta}
  Packages beta findPath {PackagesBeta . PackagesSqueak37 . PackagesDev}
  Packages current load: 'Seaside'.
  Packages beta named: 'Seaside'.
  (Packages current named: 'Seaside') run.  " or runQuietly, runStepping, runLogging"
  (Packages beta named: 'Seaside') run.
  Packages current load: #('Seaside' 'Magma' 'Logging')  
  #runStepping , - presents a confirm/debug dialog before each action.
  #run                 - default.
  #runQuietly     - auto-confirms any SakeConfirm dialogs.
  #runLogging    - Writes any SakeStop warnings to self log.
  Unloading comes in two variants.
  Each package task loaded by Sake/Packages is remembered in the 'provided' list
  If you perform:
      Packages unload: 'Seaside' .
      Packages unloadStepping: 'Seaside' .
  Then the 'historical' unload scripts are used, as defined when the original load tasks were run.
  If instead you perform:
      (Packages current named: 'Seaside') unload runStepping.
  Then the most recently defined unload script will be run.
  Note: If packages such as "Magma server" and "Magma client" provides "Magma", then
      Packages unload: 'Magma'.
  Will unload whichever of the two are loaded.
  Misc notes...
  Universes are using 'instance side' task definition, so the task extensions mechanism does not work in this context.
+ If a package appears in Packages under an obscure name, it can
+ tell the PackageInfo instance what name was used to load it via metadata
+ at mcName
+ 	!
- !

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