[Pkg] Rio: File-Test-kph.4.mcz

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Tue Nov 25 05:39:14 UTC 2008

A new version of File-Test was added to project Rio:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: File-Test-kph.4
Author: kph
Time: 25 November 2008, 5:39:12 am
UUID: 152eb641-c3f9-487e-98d1-da548c9b6594
Ancestors: File-Test-kph.3

test upload download remote2remote

=============== Diff against File-Test-kph.3 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: FileArchiveTest>>testArchiveContents (in category 'tests-archive') -----
  	| all |
  	self makeArchive.
  	self assert: (archive zip entries asSet = (Set with: (File new: 'testing_file'))).
  	all := archive zip all entries.
  	self assert: (all  asSet = 
  	{ (File new: 'testing_file'). 
  	(File new: 'testing_file/t_a/f 1').
+ 	(File new: 'testing_file/t_a/f 2').
  	(File new: 'testing_file/t_a/t 1').
  	(File new: 'testing_file/t_a/t 2'). } asArray asOrderedCollection asSet).
  	self assert: (all first isDirectory).
  	self assert: (all second isFile).

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